Le Marquise

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyMmj Design
ArtistAlexander Stuchevsky
Design TeamAlexander Stuchevsky and Helen Stuchevsky

Le Marquise fine art was made with artificial intelligence technology by script engine code with many hours of artwork by digitally painting by MMJ artist till the perfect work was done and achieved the result with exact view of old time masterpiece paintings and fibonaci symmetry. There was some insight into the man in the picture before it was created, the artist itself needed to jump on an imaginary time machine and take the inspiration back 300 year ago. What will Le Marquise look like those days? What about the fashion style for him to be created? Which color for his cloth did the artist?

I am a multidisciplinary designer in different fields like creative art, fashion to digital art and NFT, also designer of interior futuristic room spaces in my free time of work. My lovely hobby is to design and create and find new unseen masterpieces of myself through the art inspiration research.