Second Life

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistGuido Bollino
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Second Life is a photographic project which explores the world of weather-worn posters and it's composed of pictures taken in the last ten years in London and other cities in Europe and Asia. Second Life is the presentation of an impossible museum, non-existent, or that has existed and exists, even if totally ignored, in small parts and in different places and times. But it is a museum which is always open and that can be anywhere and for everyone. Second Life is an invitation to look for other free works in the cities and perceive their beauty as an unexpected gift.

Guido Bollino was born in Alessandria (Italy) and has lived in London since 2017. Photographer and writer, his principal activities are reportage, storytelling and studio photography. Photography related to history, investigation and exploration of human mind and culture is the cornerstone of his work. Guido is the author of several photographic projects including Myanmar 7am, Bianco, Colorized Japan, Traces and Mascaras – reportage on traditional Sardian masks – for which he received the Honourable Mention at the International Photography Award.