The Walls of the Night

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyMilton'S Photography
ArtistMilton Sosa Mc Donald

Havana is a capital city of over 500 years, and it is one of Latin America's architectural treasures. It boasts a fascinating mix of colonial, Baroque and Art Deco styles. Many of its jewels have unfortunately suffered from decades of deterioration, however many buildings have managed to remain in good condition. In this series you will see a view of Central Havana, with buildings from the 18-19th century, as well as Old Havana with buildings from the 16th century. It is important to mention as well that Havana has a Capitol like the one in Washington, D.C. This building is an iconic landmark.

Milton Sosa is a photographer, video maker and graphic designer from Havana, Cuba. It’s the people and their unique experiences that are the island’s greatest asset and his work is a direct reflection of that. He loves to share how he sees the world through the pictures he takes, inspired by pretty much any and all facets of this beautiful life, grand and bold, through unpretentious and dainty. He is relatively freshly based in California in the Bay Area. Currently he is devoted to doing photography and music videos.