PrizeOfficial Selection in Use (product)
CompanyMaytoni Gmbh
ArtistAlexey Danilin
Design TeamLead designer: Alexey Danilin, Engineer: Nikita Morozov, Product managers: Natalia Danilova, Elena Slivka, Assistant product managers: Karim Tabishchev, Anastasia Orlova.

Reflex is unique in its design method. It has been founded on the introspective psychology. The theory is based on the Reflexion concept, and it is inspired the name of the luminaire collection. Reflexion (from Latin reflexio - reversing) is a thought process aimed at self-knowledge, analyzing your emotions, feelings and behavior. It helps you learn how human consciousness reacts to the shapes, colors, tactile and light parameters of an object. It also helps you create an object, all the properties of which are as close and comfortable as possible for human perception.