Amazing Patterns On Ice

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyPhotographer Olena Kurylo
ArtistOlena Kurylo

A series of photographs has been taken for several months of winter and spring. This photo project is the result of monitoring the structure of ice on the surface of several fresh lakes of different depths, and how patterns on the crisis during winter and spring have changed under the influence of different air and wind. Photos of disadvantages on the surface of the lakes are taken with a drone. These artistic drawings of nature are not visible from the shore, and the view from the drone allowed you to see this unique phenomenon and take a picture of it.

Olena Kurylo expresses her seeing mostly in landscape photography, as well as in the genres of abstract and FineArt. Its vision through the lens transforms colors, shapes, textures, and shadows into works of art. Emphasizing the beauty of nature, she tries to use new technologies in her work to bring artistic opportunities that open knowledge and the ability to use modern technologies in photography.