Shades of Green

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyAleksandra Lavrukhina
CreditGaia - the talisman of the Garden
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The customer's favorite color is green, which is why it was decided to create a garden using shades of the same color, playing with the shape, volume, texture of plants and materials. The architecture of the garden is made in a modern style, with square and rectangular zones. But the garden turned out to be cozy, because about 100 different types of plants give it volume, softening the pressure of straight lines.The key object in the garden is a unique fountain - a bronze sculpture of the Gaia, in the form of a beautiful dryad, who holds twigs with leaves on which water drops into a bowl.

Aleksandra Lavrukhina is a landscape designer. She graduated from the School of Architecture and Design in Moscow. Since then, she has been creating landscape design projects for private gardens and constantly improving her skills in various courses. She creates landscape design projects for private gardens. The main goal is always to create a garden that is as harmonious as possible and combines with the architecture and color palette of the buildings located on the site. She prefers to work by choosing one dominant color, focusing on nuances and color shades.