Spring Flowers In The Dark

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyPhotographer Olena Kurylo
ArtistOlena Kurylo

Spring flowers are beautiful. The first of them appear immediately when the snow melted, marking the arrival of spring. Their delicate petals seem to have perfect lines and shapes. The harmony that they radiate spreads to everything around and the nature around blooms. Each photo is dedicated to one of the spring flowers. In the photo only a flower and nothing more.

Olena Kurylo expresses her seeing mostly in landscape photography, as well as in the genres of abstract and FineArt. Its vision through the lens transforms colors, shapes, textures, and shadows into works of art. Emphasizing the beauty of nature, she tries to use new technologies in her work to bring artistic opportunities that open knowledge and the ability to use modern technologies in photography.