Bathers Collaroy

PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyMade Agency
ArtistRichard Stenlake
Design TeamCarly McReynolds
ClientSteve Howell, Pierce Howell, Rastislav Droppa
Video URLView

The chosen name ‘Bathers Collaroy’ speaks of halcyon days in the sun and a homage to the past; good times spent by the ocean, relaxing with friends by local pools and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with family. A unique residential development with a connection to the past and a clear vision of the future that boasts of a tight-knit community with shared values. Using the ‘sea change’ mantra and adding an exclusiveness to it for the destination within a destination. This is beyond sea change because life at Bathers Collaroy is much better than a standard sea change.