Daocaocao Meet Jimumu Hotel Design

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyHangzhou Si Chuang Space Design Co.LTD
ArtistEnwen Gu
Design TeamJia Lu, Fei Song, Liangying Shen
ClientYunhe Terrace Investment ang Development Co.LTD
CreditXiaogang Zheng

This project is the design of natural wood building blocks designed for the atrium of the themed hotel. Relying on the dual emotions of clouds, natural landscapes and human history, We created a relaxed and comfortable fairy tale parent-child game space with a fairy tale concept that is close to nature and away from the world. The unique natural skylight lighting in the atrium is a sensitive place for the light of the whole space. The sunlight, moonlight and starlight of nature are fully activated here, and the energy of light is used to form the focal point of the space.