Sponte plantis

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
CompanyRocco Casaluci Fotografo
ArtistRocco Casaluci
CreditMedicago orbicularis© Rocco Casaluci

every morning I go out for a walk and observe how much biodiversity can be found on the side of an old country lane; it was this training in observation that gave me the stimulus to start the 'sponte plantis' project, photographing beautiful 'weeds' as if they were real human portraits. These simple wild plants, the true wealth of an area that is now collapsing, represent for me the metaphor of beauty. "The beauty is in the weeds," I said to myself, and so for about six months I photographed a different plant almost every day. So let us slow down, stop. And let's look.