Ad Caelestis

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
University/SchoolUniversidad De Burgos
ArtistAitor del Arco
CreditVega from Ad Caelestis series

Ad Caelestis ("Towards the Celestial" in latin) is an open series in which I shape differents celestial bodies of the firmament and mix them with the divergent stories from popular culture. In this selection of images you will find: Polaris; Venus, The Morning Star; Sirius, The Dog Star; Alfa Centauri, The Three Racing Stars and Vega, The Judgement of Life.

Hello! My name is Aitor, better known as Aitor del Arco. I’m a visual artist from Spain. I currently work predominantly in the digital realm. I love using creativity in a narrative way, whether it's in a photo or a video. Find the perfect and suitable vehicle to tell each story. But most of all I like to surround myself with what inspires me. Because in the end, creativity is nothing more than connecting things that at first glance may be unconnected.