multiple wabi-sabi

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyG. A. O.?Glocal Architecture Office?
ArtistTsunghsien Wu
Design TeamMark Huang /Chen Ku Huang /Chris Huang /Felis /
ClientMr. Wang
CreditFu Ming Lin

Traditional aesthetics of acceptance and imperfection. The " wabi-sabi" brings tranquility and spiritual yearning in the heart.To feel "Wabi-sabi" aesthetics combines natural scenery to create a high-quality aesthetic, nature, health, humanities, technology, and a simple space atmosphere.The Japan’s earth on the wall has the functions of moisture absorption, temperature regulation, health, environmental protection, sustainability, temperature regulation, and formaldehyde removal.The Japan’s earth in the study, added straw, make the atmosphere of the study room more prominent.