Helping Hands

PrizeOfficial Selection in Shoot (photo/video)
ArtistPrelena Soma Owen
CreditPrelena Soma Owen

My image “Helping Hands” was taken at Saint Marks Animal Hospital while the orphaned pangolins were being prepared for their morning feed by Dr Callista. The challenge was the extreme humidity, insufficient light and a very active baby but as the baby wrapped its tail around her hands and cradled into her palms, I knew this would turn out to be very special. With simple digital manipulation, I was able to transform it into a high key image with the focus on the baby pangolin.

Prelena is a South African- born Indian, wildlife photographer whose fascination with Nature started at a very young age but growing up in apartheid SA put game reserves out of her reach. It was only in her late 20’s that she discovered the magic of the wild when she had her first encounter with an elephant. Since then she has travelled widely to follow her passion while holding down a corporate job. Her interest in photography was sparked a few years ago and since then her work has been recognized on global platforms. She has been placed and won several competitions both locally and internat