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PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyFilippos Fragkogiannis
Video URLView -also known as Greek Digital Type Library- established in 1995, aims to renew and refresh Greek typography. As a type foundry, it provides retail and custom typefaces, alongside type design and consulting. I implemented a series of extensions to online presence. Including the company’s Instagram and Facebook shop, Google My Business listing, with a directory for their retail fonts collection, and SEO improvements to their website.

Filippos Fragkogiannis is a Greek graphic designer and art director who has been freelancing in Athens since 2019. He applies a research-based approach to his projects, which has origins in semiotics and symbolism. His projects include visual identities, print advertisements, merchandise, editorial design, posters, and substantially more. Filippos’ attraction to the visual arts has also been manifested through his long-term involvement with photography and graffiti at various points in his life.