Elizabethan 57-16

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyMarshall Harris Studios
ArtistMarshall Harris

She said, "Someday someone should invent a collar for people so we can't hurt ourselves!" Graphite on Mylar over painted panel. Drawing measures 60" x 24". Because mylar is a translucent medium the blood red stripe painted on the background panel shows through the drawing's surface. Included in the framed work, behind the presentation surface, in a hidden compartment, are the ephemera and collections of my former Muse and one-time partner. She died in 2016.

Marshall Harris was born in San Antonio Texas (1955). Harris received his BFA in Graphic Design from Texas Christian University in 1979 and MFA for the University of The Arts in Philadelphia PA. in 2010. Marshall also played professional American football in the early 80's. Mr. Harris followed his BFA degree as an Advertising Art Director, Marketing Manager, Museum Curator, Graphics Developer, and Exhibit designer until retiring to become a full-time studio artist in 2010. He lives with his wife, dog, and cat in Fort Worth Texas. His works are in public and private collections across the US.