Hushed Hues

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyANDYU Interior Design
ArtistDoris Huang

A spacious environment that effortlessly accommodates social gatherings and provides serene personal solace. Neat modular furniture significantly reduces basic materials and introduces an array of adaptable possibilities for the future. Meanwhile, the diverse storage solutions and convenient features are meticulously tailored to the proprietor's preferences and habits. Here, the resident can relish the pure essence of beauty and embrace a haven where his soul find resonance.

ANDYU Interior Design adheres to the belief in constructing distinguished residential and commercial spaces and factory offices with our customers. We consistently keep a keen eye for trendy design and are firmly backed by a 40-year-old wooden factory, meticulously tailor-made favorable interior furnishing and finishing to meet long-term requirements. Successfully realize the fantasy dreamland into reality and accomplish a timeless, comfortable haven for the property owner.