Mountain Impression

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyYuto Design
ArtistSung-Shu Chan
Design TeamYa-Hui Chang

Home is a concrete representation of the quality of life. The client expects a relaxed atmosphere, so that the family and even the cat can enjoy their exclusive cozy space. The design team arranged each area with a comfortable scale and emphasized the flow of lines to shape a smooth visual effect. Various textures of materials are stacked to combine practicality and aesthetics.

About the interior design firm Since its establishment, YUTO has been deeply involved in the fields of interior design, space planning, commercial design and home design. Adhering to the spirit of customer service, focusing on prior communication with the owners, listening to and satisfying the needs of each owner, providing a taste of life, and creating a design style with aesthetics, comfort and functionality.