PrizeOfficial Selection in Illustrate (graphic)
CompanyAugustina(Ao) Liu
ArtistAugustina(Ao) Liu
Design TeamEthan(Yuxi) Cui
Video URLView

Selfeel is a multi-device app aiming to foster mental well-being. It tackles the global issue of stress level management through objective biometric monitoring, subjective mindfulness journaling, and curated meditation playlists. Its innovation lies in its holistic approach to self-awareness, long-term sustainability, and consistent user impacts. Its real-time data-based intervention, daily mindfulness practices, and personal insights recommendations make Selfeel a transformative tool that guides users toward better mental health.

I am Augustina(Ao) Liu, an award-winning designer based in Seattle, WA. I am a passionate product/UX designer and believe that design should be empowering and inclusive. Now, I strive to bring accessibility and functionality to the forefront of design and create products everyone can use. In addition to my design career, I’m actively engaging with the design community. Currently, I’m volunteering as marketing director at the Interaction Design Association in Seattle, mentoring junior designers, delivering speeches at design events, and holding workshops to inspire designers.