Alibaba Cloud Pin Trading Centre

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyHangzhou Uzan Design Technology Co., Ltd.
ArtistZhou Xiaoxue, Liu Yang, Ren Shuyue, Zhu Bin
Design TeamDesign team: Alibaba International Spatial Design team ; Project team: Wonderlabs (Trading installations); Hangzhou Hengbo Space Technology Co., Ltd. (Construction); Hangzhou Dongying Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. (Event operation)
ClientAlibaba Cloud
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The project is a fusion of the unique Song Dynasty aesthetics rooted in Hangzhou and intelligent digital technology. It applies AIGC technology to generate a digital twin of the Asian Games Village that features Song-style aesthetics visually. The installations break the conventional “people-to-people” pin trading experience, but provide a new smart way through people-machine interaction. At the construction phase, the project maximized the use of low-carbon and green building materials. The dismantling stage ensures the recycle and harmless disposal of building waste to the greatest extent.