Taizhou Jinglong Mansion

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyDaise Design
ArtistDelian Zhu
Design TeamDaise team
ClientMiss Zhang

The owner is a young sister from a 95th generation international student who has always wanted a different home. By chance, when she saw the work of the female demon head Zhu Zhu in a soft outfit on a magazine, she was instantly amazed and went to the magic city to find Zhu Zhu. Upon seeing the 95th generation girl who returned from studying abroad, Zhu Zhu set a design theme for her: to be youthful The vibrant youth, the air is filled with the sour and sweet aroma of lemon. There is no need to fear too much, there is an infinite possibility of the future, and it is an age that can be relied o