THE BIOCLIMATIC RIBAT - A contemporary dwelling, geographically and culturally rooted

PrizeOfficial Selection in Build (architecture)
CompanyKapt Studio
ArtistAnas Koubaiti
Design TeamAnas Koubaiti, Théo Pagnon, BET Meding Engineering
CreditAmine Houari

This family house, strives to coexist both a desire for openness & intimacy in the heart of the Moroccan capital, Rabat. Introverted at first glance, the house offers generous and sensual living spaces where exterior/interior boundaries are blurred. Bioclimatic principles allowed to find compromises between natural light & thermal comfort throughout the seasons in a system where the atrium plays a key role in the spatial organization. Its legibility and stripped-down aesthetic give it a particular clarity proposing a sustainable & contemporary dwelling drew from local traditional typologies.

KAPT Studio is a young architectural practice founded by Anas Koubaiti and Théo Pagnon. With nearly ten years' experience each as project managers in international architecture firms, they decided to work together on a variety of scales, from urban projects to interior design and furniture. They have also been working together in an academic context, teaching jointly at architecture schools since 2020. KAPT designs innovative, aesthetic, sustainable and tangible architecture that creatively resolves the constraints and challenges they face. A strong belief in the importance of sustainability u