Miyue Santorini Seaview Resort

PrizeOfficial Selection in Decorate (interior)
CompanyGS Design
ArtistLi Liangchao, Huang Yuanman
Design TeamFeng Yu,Xie Xiufen, Fu Qixin, Zhong Zhige, Li Chao
ClientMiyue Miyue Hotel Management Co., LTD
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Miyue Santorini Seaview Resort, designed by Gengshang Design, aims to offer a diverse and distinctive vacation experience for the urban youth. Based on the exceptional seaside views, the resort combines natural beauty with refined services, breaking the boundaries between aesthetics and functionality in vacation products. The design features a predominantly white architecture, strategically placing a rich array of vacation amenities within a fourteen-story coastal building. Emphasizing privacy for guests, the design ensures a genuinely comfortable travel experience.