The Flow of Life

PrizeOfficial Selection in Create (art)
CompanyFrancesca Busca
ArtistFrancesca Busca
ClientAda Lovelace CoE secondary school
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Commission for Ada Lovelace CoE's chapel, open to all faiths. The left side of it is devoted to self reflection, meditation and floor space for rugs. As such, it is be primarily based on calm, introspective colours, such as blues and greens. As we move towards the right, we are coming closer to the benches and the altar, where vibrant reds and gold triumph to recall purity and light. As a finishing touch, 3 accents of gold to represent the trinity, and finally gold as a hue at the end, to add a frame of warm light around the pulpit.

Eco-artivist, ‘Rubbish artist’ and mosaicist, Francesca pioneers sustainable art by creating her artworks entirely out of waste. Her quest is to push the boundaries of both craft & art, act as a catalyst for sustainability and provoke real Change. Torn between optimism and surrender, she believes in a future through systemic re-thinking. Every tessera she creates is a protest against our disposable lifestyle and embodies hope. Gesamtkunstwerk, her eco-artivism encompasses every aspect of her life, from veganism to renewables, second-hand (…) to not flying, as she strives to walk the talk.