Tree of Life

PrizeHonorable Mention in Sculpture
ArtistNathalie Auzépy
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The tree of life is a spatial musical instrument, an experimental, interactive and sonorous sculpture gathering various types of sounds to create a musical improvisation, a space for exchanges through sound and vibration. By creativity and interactivity, it offers a space for dialogue, pleasure, encounters … and living. It conveys an active, positive message which transforms its users into the performers of a poetic symphony that speaks to the unconscious and concretizes a vibration of union and humanity. With its tensions, this tree represents life and humanity in a global sense. When caressed, it unifies its users in a multiple, subtle, transitory harmony and proposes a reappropriation of the body in a space that links each person with the world, nature and our lives. It calls for union by music and the body, to better live together, accept others and respect our environment. Video link :