PrizeHonorable Mention in Video And Film
ArtistGraham Atkins-Hughes
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Be Now is about doubts, doubts that we have all had, once an event has happened and you can’t retrieve it from the past. In Karen’s case, it’s a fling with an almost stranger she has met during a work based conference. She thinks about not following through with her actions a few times during the evenings post events drinks, but there is something pulling her, which she can’t resist. I wanted to create a feeling of stress and self destructive doubt in the film, she waits in her kitchen the next morning not knowing what to do, or think. The kitchen is lit with cold, hard morning light, to represent the unforgiving nature of the way she deals with her own feelings, she doubts her instinct from the encounter the night before, almost as if she is trying to stop herself from giving in to it, giving in to being loved.