Above All

PrizeShortlist in Textile
ArtistBozena Hanna Kaluga

My main concept was to create a form deviating from the classical perception of what textile art is. I wanted to create a pure, very minimalistic form. Thread is used in creating rhythm, regularity of embedded needles in the plane is bound with red line. My intention was to convert fiber and utilise it as an object. I wanted to express the graphics of the line, show the purity of its form and the weightlessness.

Bozena Hanna Kaluga tells stories which are a minimalist form but also a baroque form. This applies to all artistic techniques used by the artist. She creates an imaginary vision of something that will trigger emotions. She is helping the viewer to enter her inner world by slightly suggesting a reference point. The artist also uses the literary metaphor in the titles of her art works to direct the viewer to read her the idea of work.The artist admits with uniqueness in her case is the processing of the issue of lines and textures that this issue inspired her when she was a student.