Resort of LOHAS

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistModern Elegant House & CO., Szu-Wen Wang / Chung-Ting Wang

It is a natural-style bed and breakfast, different from many general B&Bs, that tourists will have a good time as if living in villas on Bali. On the basis of the exotic style in Southeast Asia, the designer brings the relaxing atmosphere of Bali into realization in metropolis. The vigorous and steadfast characteristics are present before people by means of Moroccan-style porch and arch, and oil paintings personally depicted by the designer. The open area symbolizes the exotic atmosphere in Bali; the hand painted stone walls installed in the living room and gazeboes demonstrate the unobstructed mood; the beautiful pool aside the balcony displays the life style of LOHAS. The Bali-style resort, composed of delicate hanging screen curtains, wooden ceilings, simple colors and smooth texture, has made this place the wonderland of mind relief.