PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistSebastian Baumann

The wide open door Shows outlines of daffodils, Breadcrumbs on my desk. The ongoing series ”Grown“ examines the border between childhood and adulthood – if there is any. Each picture depicts physically grown individuals within a moment of sudden subconscious, almost apathetic, reflection. The allegorical character of every image is enhanced by the use of typical childhood objects. What becomes of early dreams, hopes and fears once we grow up?

Seb Agnew is an award-winning photo artist based in Hamburg, Germany. Within staged images, he creates hyperrealistic sceneries which explore the human psyche and our modern society. Set design, lighting and composition play a major role in his photographic work. Seb loves cinematic and mysterious settings as well as moments of disorientation and lonesome reflection. For his sceneries, he either elaborately redecorates life-size rooms or builds his sets completely as miniatures/dioramas by using different materials and crafting techniques.