Narrative Sensitivity

PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
ArtistRosa Mariniello

Narrative sensitivity Traveling diary’s realized through a series of multi exposure images. A  creative ,complex ,report that allowed me to capture the essence of what was sorrounding me on my voyages. Light, shadows,linear and curved expressions of society and nature,interlacing endlessly ,to create completely new forms and bodies without  leaving the original apart. Having no concern with stereotypes or preconceptions my technique of  always capturing 3 images is attracted by the perfect colours of a rainbow reflecting the geometric composition of life but also to the beauty of the human condition no matter where or how it appears. Symmetric solutions of architecture blended with the unpredictable expression of nature,put into a new frame by little details-stories of daily discoveries curling through smiling clouds and ever changing realities. Restoring harmonic scenarios and enchanted visions in space and time.