Dubai Maritime Museum & Research Center

PrizeShortlist in Architectural Design
ArtistNiko Kapa
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Conceived as continuation and transition through public space, the building dives into the ocean and merges with it. Experience evokes a descent to the seabed. An artificial underwater environment lies under an immense glass roof, maximizing ocean view and intensifying the feeling of diving into seabed. Interior space is organised through cascading platforms that develop successively, allowing a panoramic overview of the whole interior under a «water roof». By optimizing the maritime-themed environment the museum reflects in a sincere manner its function. Water functions as a temperature buffer for the building simulating the ocean's role as a regulator of the world climate. Presentation of the collection happens in direct relation with the ocean’s setting, since the artificial manmade space is fully integrated into the natural underwater environment. The result is a deep relationality and interconnection of spaces that achieves an atmosphere of total continuity, like the vast environment of sea.