PrizeShortlist in Sculpture, Finalists in Sculpture
ArtistUdo Rutschmann

Less than half a millimeter in diameter are the spring steel rods the "Oscillators" consist of. Suspended from a metal frame,which forms a seemingly stereo metrical superstructure. At closer glance though the frame reveals itself contorted and unsymmetrical in shape. 

The accumulation is delicately held together by brittle soldering spots and copper wire which distinctively mark the intersections and create spatial depth. 

In dim light the "Oscillators" appear dormant, almost invisible, but dipped in light they awake and a complex, multi layered interplay with their environment comes into being. Various static forces are at work forming a system of diffuse physical interdependencies.
– constructive Dadaism ?

 A structural system is used to embody an omnipresent situation human situation