The world from the human view (Geldwelt)

PrizeShortlist in Sculpture
CompanyKunst und Design Eberstaller KG
ArtistNikolaus Eberstaller
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A globe made of money, rotating in the wrong direction. Its pulsating interior lighting has a hypnotic effect like a jellyfish in the deep sea: a scary mixture of beauty and menace. The used Money is "Honey-Home Made Money / The Bode Edition", the inscription from the pedestal is set in the font "Piroska", both created by the artist himself. This sculpture was “sold” by actors in 2017 as part of a performance-auction at the renowned Mannheimer Kunstverein for the absurd sum of 280.000 euros on the condition of the cession of all rights of the artist (Total Buy Out). The artist wanted to prove that also in the art world greed and money rules and media will report more about the selling price than the content of the work: the proof was (unfortunately) provided. The statement of the artist: Money is a hypnotic, it obscures the view.

In the Punch and Judy Show of live, art is the crocodile.