Locus Of The Dress

PrizeHonorable Mention in Textile
ArtistShelly Goldsmith
Design Team Studio photography : Sam Chick

‘Locus of the Dress’ works with a series of my drawings and photographs printed onto the inside and outside surfaces of dress fragments. The textile work is distinctive in its use of hand and digital dye-sublimation onto intact garment pieces and maximise the visual coding of the inside and outside zones of a piece of clothing. Referencing the psychological theory Locus of Control the work draws upon two locations on the earth to explore poles of the theory. One location is the Thanetian coast (Kent) where I reside; I have photographically documented its seascape and tidal pools. The other location is Ohio, USA where my parents have lived for over 35 years. This area known as ‘Tornado Alley’ has a high incident of tornados. The textile work utilises the drawn images of the incoming 1974 ‘Super Outbreak’ tornados which appear again and again in the larger body of work.