IMAGIE Kitchen (Movable Kitchen)

PrizeShortlist in Product Design, Finalists in Product Design
ArtistAtsushi Shibuya / Nikken Housing System Ltd, + Atsuro Okabe / Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co.,Ltd, Japan
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The “Imagie kitchen”, a movable kitchen system, was innovated developing a new housing complex concept that a space where people can change according to the resident’s life style and stage instead of having resident make changes to fit the living space. To broaden layout variations, it is equipped with a duct-free circulation-type range hood and three built-in “kitchen connection ports (power, water supply and drainage connections)” on the living space floor. The sink and stove areas can also be separated. This enables easy installation in a short time and also makes the kitchen movable without major construction work on the floor and ceiling normally required. This product was developed with a movable storage partition, “KANAU Shelf”. The combination of the movable kitchen and shelf enables homeowners to easily make major changes to the floor plan, including changing the positions of the living room, dining room, and kitchen without much burden.