Four Treasures of the Study

PrizeShortlist in Product Design
ArtistCHU-studio, Alfie Shao

To interpret the implicit spirit of "writing brushes, ink sticks, papers and ink stones" in contemporary-designed vocabularies by harnessing principally cement and metals as the raw materials of the objects: we try to combine the cement foundation base as the soil of the land with the eternal property of metal materials, plus the assistance of digital technology for tracing the mortising and tenoning way of traditional components, so as to create a theme stationary set that possess diverse forms and recombination of break and join. As to devising an individual modeling for its cross-section parts, a conversion of simulating those horseback imaginaries appeared on traditional architecture is displayed by arranging the disposition of the four objects in different orders just as the inserts often seen on doors or windows, which ingeniously comprises interesting variations resembling a Chinese magic cube of a miniature courtyard house or a courtyard in L shape.