Imagined and Remembered Places

PrizeShortlist in Printmaking
ArtistMark Graver

‘Real images are engravings, for it is the imagination that engraves them on our memories. They deepen the recollections we have experienced, which they replace, thus becoming imagined recollection’ Gaston Bachelard, – ‘The Poetics of Space ‘first published 1958, trans. Maria Jolas, Boston, Beacon Press 1969 p. 32 A series of ‘landscapes’ based around images of places and spaces visited, recorded, imagined and remembered. The works began by re-visiting photographs and sketches made at a particular time in a particular place. They are layered, much in the way memories are, and manipulated - things come to the fore, emerge then disappear. Technically there is a relationship to working with moving image and layered video and some images could be regarded as ‘film stills’. The addition of scanned sketches and digital drawing intends to reference the time and place as recorded on paper and remembered on screen.