The Victim

PrizeHonorable Mention in Video And Film
ArtistPhotography, Videography & Graphic designer Nationality Iranian. Lives in kl, Malaysia Education:2003 - 2005 Diploma in Dramatic Arts. Shaw academy Diploma in Photography. Shaw academy ADVANCED DIPLOMA in Photography.
Design TeamDirector: Rassam Feali Actress: Shahrzad Borjian Screenplay : Rassam Feali Edit: Farzam Feali Original score (Music): Hootan Mokhtarian Producer: Simin Azarmehr
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Under the shadow of the modern life in big cities, there are thousands of victims hidden from people's eyes. There women who live and die with no identity and without having legal rights. This time, a prostitute struggling with darkness in last minutes of her life. *Making this film wasn't easy. We shoot this film in a long take (sequence-shot) and the length of film is 7 minutes. It was hard in terms of both acting & technical part.