The Evolution of Man

PrizeShortlist in Sculpture
ArtistDieneke Tiekstra

Berendina Sjoukje (Dieneke) Tiekstra (1957-10-15, Haarlem, The Netherlands) is besides her function as team leader addiction treatment a sculptural artist and co-director of the art gallery Rueb&Tiekstra at Rijpwetering, the Netherlands. My passion was/is to make sculptures with my hands. Because of my love of technology and my education as a second degree teacher in technology, I was particularly good at technology. Gradually, I have learned to be more concerned with the concept and the story of the artwork. My work must mean something and have purpose, it also have to radiate humor with a strong preference in the recycling of used materials. My art must invite the public to ask questions. It must challenge, evoke reactions and emotions. It is therefore a constant search for a balance, not too abstract, not too figurative, but somewhere in the middle so that the imagination is stimulated. "What is made, can be seen."

Dieneke Tiekstra is a prize-winning artist and founder of Galerie Rueb & Tiekstra. She studied visual arts at the Kunstacademie Haarlem Leiden and is involved with themes such as time, future and movement. Some objects have a clear movement element. Her work asks questions and challenges the viewer. She is searching for the balance between abstraction and figurative art and uses the forms and structures of everyday and reused material. In the series “The evolution of Man” Tiekstra visualizes her fascination for time and future design. What does the world look like in a 100 or 1000 years?!