Wander Space Probe

PrizeShortlist in Other, Finalists in Other
ArtistNavid Baraty

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a fascination with the cosmos. That awe and wonder for space, which I believe is innate to our humanity, hasn’t faded one bit as I've aged. I decided to frame my project around the idea of an imaginary spacecraft traversing the universe and photographing its encounters. In actuality, I’m creating these cosmic images by arranging various foods on top of a photo scanner and then scanning with the lid open. Many of the spherical bodies by scanning the bottoms of glasses containing liquids, whereas others are simply made from pancakes. To create nebulas, I use a large tray of liquids. The liquids naturally create the atmospheric swirls when they mix. The same physics at work in the universe are also present on my scanner. The stars and points of light are created by sprinkling spices and dry ingredients on the scanner glass.