Honey-Home Made Money (The Bode Edition)

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CompanyKunst und Design Eberstaller KG
ArtistNikolaus Eberstaller

In times of speculators and cryptocurrencies, it is time to give money its true meaning. Eberstaller's currency Honey-Home Made Money (The Bode Collection) illustrates the true value of money: it is up to the owner to make the good or evil happen. The fronts adorn the seven main sins (denoted in Latin), the backs the seven virtues, depicted by people like Gandhi, Snowden or Red Cross helper. Everything is illustrated and inscribed by a complex reference system that has been extensively analyzed by the Berlin Bode Museum. The note "Worthless unless transformed" makes clear that money in itself is completely worthless. This money was used, among others, for „Marie Cochon“ (a taxidermied pig as a performance artist against greed) and a globe made of honey-money. The typography „Piroska“ on the bills has been designed by the artist himself. Created in cooperation with the money art collector Stefan Haupt, based in Berlin.

In the Punch and Judy Show of live, art is the crocodile.