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Artistgustavo romeiro
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Have you ever imagined the city as an alive thing, trying to communicate with the citizens that lives on it? Obocobovos sculptures is an attempt to simulate this communication. It represents a supposed organic part of the city coming from the under earth just to be used as a mirror by its citizens. In this supposition, the city understand the care with the body and appearance from people that lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So that was the way of the city to say, you are importante fro me. There was no sign and nothing explaining the sculptures or the intervention near it. The three structures were made by polished stainless steel.

Birth date and place: 1985 at Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brazil. Lives and work at Porto, Portugal. M.A in Art and Design for the Public Space at Porto's University - in Porto, Portugal. Through the photography and public art Gustavo contest the similarities between the natural world and the urban environment constructed by the mankind. The photographic images has no edits and no post-production. In the public field, the artist chosen to work with sculptures and materials that are present on human constructions.