PrizeHonorable Mention in Photography
University/Schoolartist photographer amateur
ArtistJean-Claude Bise

Series - Mountains It is through digital that has a growing influence on our lives, both privately and professionally. May I offer you this photographic series entitled "mountains". I chose to illustrate my point, to present the mountains of the Swiss Alps in a symbolic way. Calling by this a reflection on global warming. I took as subject for my artistic compositions, on the one hand the mountains as an environment representing nature, on the other hand, some of the symbolic representations of computer languages. In order to confront these two elements with each other. These photographs are partly from the internet. Deconstructed, extracted from their contexts, modified and then rebuilt on a new image medium, including some elements coming from my personal creations. I leave you to discover what they inspire you. 2017

I am a self-taught photographer. I learned in the labs of my friends, who were painters and photographers in the artistic movements of the 60-70s - psychedelic, Pop Art and rock bands. Powered by the energy surrounding them, I chose photography to express my ideas and concerns – an activity that still fascinates me.