Dubai Nebula

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design
ArtistNiko Kapa
Design TeamNiko Kapa
ClientTerna UAE

Ground unfolds and rises above Sheikh Zayed highway, forming a gateway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The relatively compact massing is formed by two ascending volumes inclined toward each other in the form of a “Mastaba”. Road network and transport hub are integrated with building infrastructure, linking the complex to the city of Dubai. Overlapping structural grids that define the shell, form an intricate steel geodesic truss. This constellation or steel members underlines the internal structure, creating a pattern that corresponds to the force distribution diagram. The tessellated pattern builds upon interlocking polygonal primitives and furthers the concept through a study of the spatial and experiential relationships. Fabric formations cover the exterior and shade the exposed surfaces of the building, while promoting natural airflow. At night, light projections create a beacon and materialize the fabric, while animating the elevations with a Nebula color spectrum.