PrizeHonorable Mention in Digital
ArtistPatrizia Piga

The abundance of food available to everybody. An idyllic world where food never fails but is created with the power of imagination. A world of dreamers who contemplate the unlikely beauty and see the strength of the rough sea in waves of beer, or where the velvety leaf of cabbage takes the form of a girl’s cap with a lantern. Inspired by the works of Magritte, De Chirico, the artistic movement of Lorenzo Alessandri, I tried to convey with my photos the power of surreal thought. A thought that breaks the rules and with subtle irony tears down the boundaries of a world that seems so established, traditional, without surprises… And brings a spark out of it! I was attracted by the surrealist pictures I saw on the web in recent years. From this inspiration and from my experience as a food photographer, comes out the idea of building foodscapes.