Magical Bestiary

PrizeHonorable Mention in Digital
ArtistPatrizia Piga

Humans seem like wanting to outdo God with their imaginative splendor, therefore they invent and create sometimes wonderful things, sometimes aberrations. Sometimes, things that are completely out of touch, sometimes things that are on a world of their own. And often they are neither good nor bad, it depends on how the human heart wants to use them. Luckily, humans found their way, inventing what did not exist and change what is already there. Without making a mess. As I did with these photographs. Future world is still to be created and, with creativity, everything is possible. In Magical Bestiary, vegetables, food and animal world melt together and it is not a matter of the vegan/vegetarian feeding, it is just a funny game. It all starts with analogy. I cut in two a big pineapple and I see the carapace of a turtle, and the nut is its head…