PrizeHonorable Mention in Graphic Design
Artista.onur Özyurt artsy enthusiast

Scissors Couple is a experimental aspect of love and oneness.Both visuals are expressing different logics.and the whole manifest of them are: All artworks are collaged..Tried to reach out to the photographers of them but couldn't succeed...So those artworks are not fully copyrighted.I tried to reach out the photographers of photos..But don't have enough time to get the permit.But this scissors idea is originally mine.Never seen on anywhere... My point is;not winning the competition but maybe reach out some productive eyes and those people, to work in a collab or full time. This is the artists description. And the photos are describing themselves.. But for me; it explains the difference of existance and it's shine to individuality and duality. Can be described more or transposed to another art project. Wish you a pleasent day. Sincerely Onur.