Daboh Tower: Memory’s Shadow

PrizeHonorable Mention in Installation
ArtistMiyoung Kim

I explore the relationship between memories and materiality, questioning the effect that time has on their creation and demolition from Proust’s idea. The shifting and unstable borders between memories are expressed with geometry and through loss as part of my own experience. The work, set in the context of a cultural background related to memory, refers to the interplay between past and present, revealing identity regained and new visible perspectives formed as a result. These transforming memories within folded bodies, folded lands, forgotten histories, remembered literature are investigated by my own superimposed memorial system. Daboh Tower, one of the most famous towers in Korea, contains small crystals sometimes found amongst cremated remains of monks and installed as a memorial to their spirits. I found old photographs in my grandmother’s bag after her death and folded them, inspired by the Daboh Tower, imagining many stories untold and unfolding. Works within my grey