Child's Happy Tree

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistB.D.T International Design CO., Chih-Ching Chen

A series of color scheme and space theme paved with natural spilled sunshine, breeze, successfully create a blue sky, white clouds, fresh sense of green grass, enlarged imagination of people for space scale. The moving endpoints are a group of thick, braced structures that grow from the image of a large tree, from the ground up to the ceiling, and the snowy white ceiling, protecting the lifes around the trees and making the child feel relieved. Even arranged small hole for rebbits under the trunk, to liberate children’s imagination, and share the secrets with the animals. Another wall in the space, it is more concrete shape of the tree-shaped bookshelves, with a special combination of wall lamps, books are the rich fruits on tree, take a book like eating a big mouth biting of dream fruit, to taste the sweetness of knowledge.