White Etherealness

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistDE-INTERIOR DESIGN Co. Ltd, Chung-Yang Wang

The case is located in the residential area of a 25-storey luxury elite apartment, owned by a couple with kids composed a family of four, hoping to create a comfortable and high living quality home. Designer’s "blank-leaving" as the main theme of the space, in addition to the white tone of ceiling and floor, the main wall is also decorated with white tone and decorated with art works, creating a bright and clean interior space. From the living room, dining room and open kitchen composed the public area, with white walls and light-colored wood, simple and neat style, with L-shaped sofa, dark wooden furniture and scattered decorative arts, constructed a different texture of home life-style. French window of side wall, so that abundant outdoor nature light can be spilled into the room, creating a changing light and shadow with indirect light lowered embedded in the ceiling, enrich the layering in space.