Xiangyang Fanyue Mall International Cinema

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design
ArtistOne Plus Partnership Limited

Dark box used for shooting morphs into rectangular columns that crisscross each other in the dynamic ceiling feature. Aluminium columns are painted with a light color wood pattern, installed at different heights to enhance the spatial effect. Small TV are installed at one end of the columns, playing clips from films to resemble images reflected in dark boxes. Light bulbs are installed on the other end for a distinctive impact and illuminates the space. Columns formed by LED screens are placed in between, stylish graphics are projected on these screens, adding varieties to the ceiling feature. The auditorium is covered by a massive map of rectangular columns made of acoustic panels, with light bulbs that echo the lobby decoration. In the washroom, columns in the lobby are broadened and become hand wash basins, connecting with the lobby design and enables the audience to closely interact with the sculptural installation.